Wholesale Oriental Rugs and Commercial Moving Experts


Try to imagine a world where Kalims and Oriental rugs are affordable and a cornerstone to any home decor. A world where everyone can afford an Oriental rug and it is no longer a statement of wealth, but rather one of style and grace. When we started this company more than ten years ago, this was our vision, and today it has become a reality. We offer the best selection of Oriental rugs at wholesale prices and back our product with a lifetime guarantee.

For us, owning a rug is just the first step to truly enjoying the Oriental rug culture. We are rug collectors ourselves, which means that we have the necessary means with which to clean and repair rugs with the utmost in quality and care. For us, it is more about the community than the profits, and our customers have responded well to our vision with the help of Boston Local Moving LLC – best affordable moving prices.

Moving forward with grace

Without bothering you with the boring details of how we clean and repair rugs, let’s just say that our services are of the utmost quality and integrity, and that when our rugs are returned to our customers, they notice the difference. Selling our customers a rug is just the first step in showing them how much we care, which is why we offer the best cleaning and repair services in the area at simply the lowest price. What good is a rug if it gets dirty and cannot be cleaned?

Our warehouse is full of discount rugs that are the same level quality as the ones that cost thousands of dollars but can be gotten at a fraction of the price. In order to keep doing what we are doing, we count on educated customers to help us move the industry forward and offer feedback on how we can improve.